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From responsible oil recycling to safe asbestos removal, we strive to make your business clean and eco-friendly.

Welcome to MillCreek Environmental Services Inc. – Your Environmental Cleanup Partner

Live in an eco-friendly and clean world. Millcreek Environmental Services operates one of the largest wastewater treatment facilities in Nova Scotia. Based out of Sydney, we provide environmental cleanup and treatment services such as oil recycling, tank cleaning, vacuum truck services, and more to commercial, industrial, residential, and marine clients.

Situated on the former Sydney Steel site in Harbourside Commercial Park, our location is in very close proximity to Sydney Harbour and the port of Sydney. With easy access to vessels that are coming and going, we can respond quickly to your needs.


Our treatment facilities are supported by a fleet of vacuum trucks and tanker units as well as a large tank farm area for storage of used oil and fuels. It has the capacity to accept and treat large volumes of impacted water, allowing us to assist in many environmental projects where large volumes of water must be moved quickly.

Millcreek Environmental Services also performs oil spill cleanup and total project management when environmental incidents occur on land or water. We have the ability to remediate any site and restore it in a professional manner to its original condition. In the event of a spill, the quicker your cleanup contractor can respond, the less your property may be impacted.


Our emergency response crews are available and ready to respond 24 / 7. Realizing the high importance of your call, our phones are answered personally 24 hours a day, eliminating the loss of your valuable time talking to answering services and awaiting call returns.

Allow us to use our skill, experience, and resources to assist with your environmental project or emergency. We have the capability required to remove, transport, and treat waste in a timely and cost-effective manner. Rest assured we have the equipment and manpower to respond to any given situation.


Our company places great emphasis on customer satisfaction. We work tirelessly to ensure our clients' needs are met and they are satisfied when we leave the job site. We realize the customer is the most important part of any business. Our management is committed to working with our clients to ensure that the most effective measures are applied to the project at all times.

Our management team and staff offer decades of experience in industrial cleaning and waste management to our current and potential clients. It is this experience coupled with a strong will to succeed and our dedication to our customers that has allowed Millcreek Environmental Services to grow in the environmental cleanup and waste management industry. To work with a company that cares about its impact, call our team today.

cleaner water

Remove contaminants from your water with Cape Breton’s largest wastewater treatment plant.



On Time and Under Budget

“Your team has done it again! On time, under budget and completed safely. Passing all departmental guidelines for class approval. I know when we need a tank cleaned, there’s no hesitation who I‘m calling.” - Chris Lawless, CME

Cleaning Our Waters

Our company provided cleaning services to the former Sydney Steel Plant and Tar Ponds to convert it into a new and clean community space.

Come Sail Away

Don’t waste a minute while at port with our timely, safe, and professional service.

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