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We will take care of all your environmental services in Cape Breton. Fulfill your cleanup and treatment needs such as:


Millcreek Environmental Services provides many services to those within the commercial and industrial sector. We have the expertise, equipment, and facilities to accommodate the many needs of our clients. We have effectively handled large and small petroleum spill cleanups, tank cleaning projects of many sizes, major water extraction and treatment projects, and cleanups within warehouse and storage facilities, just to name a few. We offer service to the petroleum service industry by way of vacuum trucks, fuel line cleaning capabilities, hydro-excavation, and waste fuel and water capabilities of a magnitude found nowhere else in Cape Breton.

We are skilled in oil spill cleanup, both land- and water-based. We offer 24-hour emergency response like no other, responding to emergencies in a timely and professional manner at any time, day, or night.

As you can see, we are a very diversified company. Our clients have come to rely on our professional, courteous staff and our “common sense” approach to their environmental problem.


When Millcreek Environmental Services arrives on your site, you can rest assured that your waste will be handled safely and professionally. Our fleet of vacuum units and tankers carefully transport liquid waste to our site for proper treatment and disposal.


Safety in the workplace is important to all. Each of us wants to feel safe within our working environment, no matter where we make our living. With the vast amount of confined space entry work we perform as well as the high level of risk we encounter in our other work activities, Mill Creek Environmental Services makes the safety of our employees the top priority. 

Our company is certified as a member in good standing with NS Construction Safety Association. All staff undergoes continuous safety and environmental training, as well as in-house training to allow them to work safely and confidently in any environment.

Call Anytime!

As soon as you experience an oil or fuel spill, either on water or on the road, we’ll be there to help right away.

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