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Nova Scotia’s Used Oil Recycling & Recovery

Responsible used oil management is paramount within today’s society. Once termed as “waste oil” this valuable commodity can be properly treated and returned to the market as a viable source of fuel. Mill Creek Environmental Services collects both light fuels and heavy oils from various sources. Our treatment facility allows us to play a key role in the used oil recycling process, removing sediment, and sludge content, as well as other impurities from the oil. We are very proud to play an active role in such an important process.


This unique style of excavating has many useful applications. It is often used when more confined areas do not allow for large excavations or large digging equipment to be brought on site. Some other areas this technology is useful include:

Site remediation

Location of underground wires, pipes, and cables

Utility pole installation

Municipal sites

Construction projects

Hydro-Excavation often saves money by:

Reducing property damage caused by large excavations

Reducing the amount of backfill material required

Eliminating the need for several pieces of equipment

Eliminating needless asphalt and concrete damage

We strive to make the most out of your used oil and turn it into a viable product. For our services, give our team a call.

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