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Cape Breton’s Largest Wastewater Management Facility

Millcreek Environmental Services Inc. operates Cape Breton’s largest wastewater management and treatment plant. This facility is capable of removing hydrocarbons, metals, and a host of other contaminants from wastewater. We accept and treat wastewater from many sources within the commercial, industrial and marine sectors.

Our facility has a storage capacity in excess of 2.2 million litres. It is in turn supported by a heated tank storage farm utilized for holding used oils and fuels. Our large storage capacity allows us to receive large quantities of wastewater from sites during emergency situations when it really counts.

Our location in Harbourside Commercial Park makes us extremely easy to access by highway, and we are less than 5 kilometres from Sydney Harbour and the port of Sydney. This all adds up to very quick removal of bulk water shipments from vessels docking in or near Sydney Harbour.

Millcreek Environmental Services also provides smaller wastewater treatment applications for on-site water treatment. This is useful on environmental cleanup sites as well as on construction projects. To inquire about our wastewater management services, give our office a call.

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